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A Masseur that meets yours needs, requirements and preferences

My massage sessions can be tailored to suit your specific needs, requirements and preferences. I have had clients who have asked me to pay specific attention to their neck and upper back as they have a lot of tension there. Then there are those who need more work on the shoulders done. Lower back pain is also very common in many men so I often treat that area properly, as customers ask me to.

I've had clients with headaches or hangovers that have asked me if I can treat it, and I do a brilliant head massage (with or without using oil - your choice!) and often use a wonderful herbal balm from Sri Lanka. Made following an ancient Ayurvedic recipe, this magic balm also helps relieve pain in parts of the body. It is strong so I use it sparingly. Apart from the head, I also treat your forehead, temples and back of your ears.

A face massage using a tiny amount of coconut oil, or a nourishing fragrance-free cream, can also work wonders to relieve stress. It is very relaxing.

I also massage client's feet and hands. Many don't realise that our feet and hands do a lot of work, often neglected, and don't receive the tender loving care they deserve. A foot massage can be very soothing and a hand massage is very relaxing too.

Some clients have muscle soreness in their inner and/or outer thighs and buttocks. This is common among those who cycle a lot, and also do a lot of lower body exercises in the gym, including squats, leg push ups etc. Also those who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk.

Some clients ask for deeper pressure on their calves. As for preferences, feel free to tell me. I now only use pure organic coconut oil of the best quality (from Sri Lanka) this does not stain, so to those clients who like to keep their underwear on during the massage, there is nothing to worry about. Plus it is non greasy, and I use it sparingly (so you "feel" the pressure of the massage rather than just hands gliding over oil). The oil is non scented. But if you like a drop of essential/aromatherapy oil can (lavender, lemongrass etc.,) please ask.

After the massage, I wipe you down with an absorbent towel which takes away all the excess oil on your skin. The large sheets of tissue you will be lying on (on the massage table) would've also absorbed excess oil from your skin. You're welcome to have a shower if you like.

So, if you have any specific needs, requirements or preferences, do tell me. Also, don't forget to mention any medical conditions that I should be aware of, parts of the body to avoid (surgery, operation etc.)

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