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My Popular Massage Treatment

The relaxing full body session with soft pressure (£60) is my most popular massage treatment these days. Oil can be heated, according to the customer's preference. This is a non scented, light oil which does not leave a greasy residue when wiped off the body using a coarse towel, which imitates a "scraping" movement. A drop or two of Lavender essential oil can heighten the sense of rest and relaxation. Lemongrass oil can be uplifting and invigorating, while Eucalyptus oil can be soothing and even help the respiratory system. Customers can choose the essential oil they prefer.


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Massage Treatments & Prices

Relaxing massage (soft pressure) £60. Medium Pressure session £70 Deep Tissue Massage £80 3 Step Treatment (using hands, arms, elbows, knees and feet) £90. For more details on this unique treatment,

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