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Massage Etiquette for Men

Massage therapy includes rubbing, pressure, rocking, kneading, friction and compression applied by a massage therapist for the purpose of relaxing or otherwise benefiting the client. Massage therapy involves a great deal of bodily contact, and in a culture where intimate contact is not common between strangers, men can benefit from understanding the etiquette during massage.

Prior to receiving a massage, there are a few important things for a man to remember. Showering before a massage is good, but not a must, especially if you're coming after work or during your lunch break. You can have a shower at my place, after the massage. If you're feeling especially sweaty and would feel more comfortable receiving the massage after having a shower, you're more than welcome to do so. Some customers have a quick shower both before and after the massage.

Avoid eating a large meal as it can make you uncomfortable or lead to flatulence during the massage. This does not happen to all men. It depends on the customer, and each person is different. Either way, a large meal is not advisable just before having a massage.

The key to getting a good massage and ensuring that you and your massage therapist are comfortable is communication. Speak with the massage therapist about the results that you would like out of the massage, and how firm you want the contact to be. Massages intended for relaxation will be gentler than massages intended for medical or therapeutic purposes.

At the beginning of the session, the massage therapist will leave the room, allowing you to get undressed and under a towel. If you are uncomfortable being naked under the towel, you may keep your underwear on or even wear a pair of shorts. But this rarely happens, as most customers can be covered with a towel by being massaged, and the towel will be moved during the massage, on and off, and only the area being massaged at any given time will be exposed. Some customers are comfortable stripping off in front of the massage therapist and lying on the table completely naked and uncovered. I notice that more men are becoming comfortable with this practise and as my massage treatments are performed in a private flat/apartment in a quiet residential building, I guess they feel more comfortable than they would in a salon or spa.

Erections during a massage are common. It is entirely possible to be physiologically aroused without emotional or sexual desire. One of the reasons is because the blood in your body circulates faster and more than usual when being massaged, and therefore the blood rushes in to the penis, making it semi or even fully erect. The massage therapist has likely seen erections on male clients before, and it is not a cause for embarrassment. A professional massage therapist will assure the client not to be embarrassed, if he is that is.

Massage therapists who specialise in wellness are more likely to accept tips than clinical massage therapists, who work in the medical field. Some spas include the tip in the massage fee. Tipping a massage therapist is entirely up to the client. Please also note that tipping is NOT a must.

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