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Meeting The Client's Needs

The majority of customers I have, tend to work in "The City," which is the financial district, and most of them come to me as I am Sri Lankan, which makes me unique! I have been practising Ayurvedic massage for over 20 years now (I started young!), at the same time when I started doing yoga, pilates and meditation. I have always had an interest in herbal remedies, ayurvedic skin and hair care treatments and so on. I like to mix my own oils (non-fragranced) in such a way so as not to leave a greasy residue when wiped off the client's body with a coarse towel, once the massage is over.

This is because most city-boy clients don't have time to have a shower after the massage, due to them coming to us during their lunch break or just after finishing work, before going home. Some even come after going to the gym as they often do so, before going home. I do have shower facilities, toiletries and clean towels so clients who want to have a shower are more than welcome to do so. I have non-fragranced shower gel and shampoo, non-fragranced deodorant, moisturiser and eye cream.

This keeps everything neutral and simple, as preference on scent and fragrances vary from man to man! I do have a small selection of essential oils such as lemongrass, lavender and eucalyptus oil. 2-3 drops of the clients choice can be used in the massage oil. Most customers prefer non-fragranced oil. Needless to add, some customers want to try the relaxing or invigorating quality of the aroma oils. Lemongrass is a popular choice among men, while Lavender was the popular choice among women (please note that I no longer treat female clients).

Once in awhile, a client would pick Eucalyptus. Interestingly, most of these clients tend to know that Eucalyptus oil is a popular choice for massage and medicinal purposes in Sri Lanka, and some of them have also experienced it when they visited the island! Sri Lankan ayurvedic style massage is relaxing and soothing, as opposed to various other massage treatments in the far east and south Asia, with Sri Lanka being an exception of some sorts. Come experience this massage treatment and feel relaxed and rejuvenated!

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