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Sri Lankan Ayurvedic - style Massage

During my Sri Lankan-style Ayurvedic massage treatment, I begin the massage using traditional stroking movements combined with techniques like kneading, tapping and squeezing the muscles. It’s a full body massage and can also include your head, feet and hands, but I ask the client if he would prefer these body parts to be included in the massage. Some clients just don't like oil on their head/scalp, while others may prefer their feet massaged, but not their hands. Everyone is different! The massage can be tailored to suit the client's preferences, requirements and needs.


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£20 off massage this September!

Summer Discount ends this month (September 30th). Get £20 off relaxing full body massage (1 hour), so instead of £60 you only pay £40 ! By appointment only. Please call or text to book. Thank you.

Massage Treatments & Prices

Relaxing massage (soft pressure) usually £60, now £40 with £20 off as Summer discount. Offer expires on 30th September 2020. Medium Pressure session £70 Deep Tissue Massage £80 3 Step Treatment (using

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