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Sri Lankan style Massage

My Sri Lankan-style massage sessions are a good introduction to those who are new to massage. Massage plays an important role in healthcare, helping to detoxify the skin and body, and improve digestion. Regular massages are great for general mind and body well being. I have clients who visit me once a week for a massage. Some come twice a month, and others, once a month. It’s a wonderful way to relax and once you’ve tried it, chances are you’ll return. The soft pressure Sri Lankan style full body massage is £60. A soothing massage treatment that is therapeutic and relaxing. Simple and straightforward, this treatment is done using hands, and is performed on a massage table. The treatment includes both long and short strokes, kneading, compression, rubbing and gliding. Add £10 extra for medium pressure, or £20 extra for deep pressure.


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£20 off massage this September!

Summer Discount ends this month (September 30th). Get £20 off relaxing full body massage (1 hour), so instead of £60 you only pay £40 ! By appointment only. Please call or text to book. Thank you.

Massage Treatments & Prices

Relaxing massage (soft pressure) usually £60, now £40 with £20 off as Summer discount. Offer expires on 30th September 2020. Medium Pressure session £70 Deep Tissue Massage £80 3 Step Treatment (using

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