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The Benefits of Thigh Massage

A thigh massage is focused on the hamstring and quadriceps muscles located at the front and back of the upper half of the leg. A thigh massage involves a range of different techniques that help reduce muscle tightness, relieve pain and increase blood circulation. A thigh massage can relieve tension and stress within the muscles and can help a person being treated return to sports or exercise. I use thigh massage to treat muscle tightness and relieve any pain, stress and tension.

Massage therapy helps people manage painful or stiff hamstrings. The hamstrings are a group of muscles lying between the hip and the knee at the back (posterior) of the thigh. These are in use when you are walking, running or doing any other sporting activity and must be in good working order. Tight, painful hamstrings and other damage can occur for a number of reasons, especially to active and overweight people.

There are many massage therapists out there that claim they were told not to massage the inner thighs (and some, the thighs in general) when they were being trained. A full body massage MUST include the thighs as well, I believe as these are large and hard working muscles, this need to be massaged and treated with care.

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